We make your house generate your electricity

We install your solar panel system and make your home enough by itself for the energy consumption

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• Production Report

• Weather Analysis

• Shade Report

• Capacity Planning

• Product Selection


• Validation of dossier

• Connection to network


• Mounting Panels

• Wiring Modules

• Electrical Connections

• Connection to Network

• Safety Controls

• Performance Tracking

Self-consumption and profitability study

When you request a free detailed diagnosis, our experts analyzes your energy consumption and the roof area to provide you a detailed study. In this report, everything is explained clearly. It is designed only for your need and for you house.

The elements in this study:

Comparison of your bill with and without solar system

Share of self-consumption

Amount of the sale of your surplus

Profitability of your solar project

➜ See an example detailed diagnosis

How does it work?

We showed below in the diagram, how solar energy system works. Solar Panels generate the electric and the inverter converts it to electricity that you can use for house appliances. The remaining electricity is sold to energy suppliers to your selection through ENEDIS network.

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