Our Story

The Soleilex Story

We started out with the vision to make solar energy installation service as easy to reach as any other energy services — honest, transparent and high quality, So we entered the market to build your solar energy systems for your energy consumption and investment need.

We analyze your energy needs and roof plan, then we install the best solution after designing the system with our engineers.

We believe with the job we are doing we save the planet and provide you a concrete investment strategy right on your roof. As it is green energy, solar energy systems are getting more important with the decision of stopping the fossil fuel and nuclear power plants in electricity production by the European Union and so France. In this growing market, we place ourselves in the best service and the best price position.

It is crucial to pick the right equipment for the system to make it perform worth your investment. We aim a cutting-edge work that ensures the calculations of the system accurate to reality. 

We are here to provide you the best energy investment plan right on your roof.

The values that guide us


We are available for all your questions with transparency. We present your project with transparency.


It is not just putting solar panels on your roof. We find the best solution and do the technical job with precise work.


We select the materials with the best performance quality. We calculate the system precisely and install the system strongly.


We are committed to installing solar energy to save our planet and save your pocket. It is a green and powerful investment on your nose.

France aims at clearing its electricity production of fossil fuels

A more ambitious fossil fuel reduction target: 40% less consumption by 2030 (compared to 2012), in order to fulfil our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, and move towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

In the nuclear sector, the Government is keeping to its objective to diversify the energy mix and reduce nuclear energy to 50% by 2035. 14 reactors will be shut down by 2035, which is a quarter of reactors currently in operation.

In accordance with France’s commitment, we are committed to help reaching this goal!

➜ Find out more on the government’s commitment on energy

We are a certified installer

We run our business with Qualibat certificate for Solar Panel Installation.

➜ Learn more about Qualibat certificate

We got your back!

The materials we use guaranteed by the trusted suppliers. During the installation, the system is covered by our insurance partner.

➜ Read our Conditions and General Terms for the coverage

The suppliers we are working with

We are selecting our providers carefully. Our providers has the required standards and tested in Germany.

ISO 9001

IEC 61215:2016

PID Certificate

CE Certificate

ISO 45001:2018

IEC 61730-1-2:2016

ISO 14001

IEC 61215:2005

ISO 18001

IEC 61730-1-2:2007

IEC 62804

IEC 62716

IEC 61701:2011

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